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Tue 23 January 2018 21:00
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Show past dates
Sat 13 January 2018 19:00 Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève


Fri 12 January 2018 20:30 Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève


Thu 11 January 2018 19:00 Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève



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A production based on the plays ‘Sleep My Baby Sleep’ by Jon Fosse and ‘A Piece of Plastic’ by Marius von Mayenburg.

Jon Fosse (Haugesund, Norway, 1955) is one of Scandinavia’s most famous writers and most-performed dramatists.  His plays are staged all over the world. ‘Sleep My Baby Sleep’ is a real gem. The play is representative of Fosse’s style and approach: fragmented dialogues in which the rhythm and the sound come before the meaning, pared down sentences with an underlying poetry and emotional tension which confine and destabilize the spectator and at the same time give him space and comfort.    

‘A Piece of Plastic’ is the most recent play by Marius von Mayenburg (Munich, °1972), dramaturge and playwright-in-residence at the Berliner Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz since 1999.  It was written as a comedy with the theatrical structure of conventional boulevard theatre, but then seriously unhinged boulevard theatre…

The main story line is straightforward enough: the overworked Ulrike and her husband Michael, a left-liberal, environmentally- and politically-aware couple, at least in theory, employ Jessica as a domestic help and to look after their son who is hitting puberty prematurely.  Jessica’s presence affects the reality of this family on various levels. The ideals of tolerance and broadmindedness are undermined, good intentions prove to be futile attempts to deny underlying prejudices and the couple’s sterile reality is exposed. Then there is the conceptual artist Haulupa who like a gadfly tries to disrupt the family ideal.  The result is a malicious comedy, which expertly challenges our views and opinions about family, art and society.  With painful accuracy, Marius von Mayenburg takes us straight to the nub of our first-world dilemmas and problems…


“I understand so little. And as the years pass, I understand less and less. It is true. But the opposite is also true, that as the years pass I understand more and more. Yes, it is also true that as the years pass I understand a great deal, an almost frightening amount. As a matter of fact, I feel almost faint at how little I understand and almost frightened at how much I understand. How can it be that both things are true, that I simultaneously understand less and less and more and more? (Jon Fosse, ‘The Gnosis of Writing’)

“I always try to write about things that irritate me. I try to write about things I know about.” (Marius von Mayenburg)

Quoi/Maintenant_tg STAN
Quoi/Maintenant_tg STAN
Quoi/Maintenant_tg STAN
Quoi/Maintenant_tg STAN
Quoi/Maintenant_tg STAN

wat/nu (quoi/maintenant)-trailer sous-titré

tg STAN, théâtre flamand passé au français
Frank Vercruyssen talks about Quoi/Maintenant to RTS, January 9th 2018

A Genève, le tg STAN va secouer les consciences
Jolente De Keersmaeker talks about Quoi/Maintenant to Marie-Pierre Genecand from Le Temps, January 10th 2018

Reflets d'ors dans un miroir belge
Katia Berger, Tribune de Genève, January 15th 2018

text ‘Dors mon petit enfant’ by Jon Fosse translated by Terje Sinding and ‘Pièce en plastique’ by Marius von Mayenburg translated by Mathilde Sobottke
by and with Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver, Els Dottermans and Frank Vercruyssen
lighting design Thomas Walgrave
costumes An D'Huys
production and technique STAN